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Lethal Liaisons (Willful Women Assassins Series) by Randall S. Smith

Lethal Liaisons (Willful Women Assassins Series) by Randall S. Smith

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Two look-alike sisters grow up in the country's heartland. Starting out with normal careers, they evolve into assassins.


“Oh, Mr. Wallace, you have company, sir,” she announced as she connected the silencer, turned on the bedroom light and took aim.
The man groggily opened his eyes. “Who's there?”
“Someone who has brought you a surprise!” Pfft Pfft. She fired twice. His wife had slept through it all. Karlee hesitated as she realized the woman probably knew too much and presented a risk. With a sense of regret, she fired off two more rounds. Pfft Pfft. She had now crossed another line, and another door would be opening in her life.

“No need to play coy with me, honey. I know Randolph gave you some idea of what I really do, and we four all know it was you on that video. For a rookie, it was a nice job. The fact that you're playing it the way you are is impressive, too. Next time, don't turn on a light, take night vision goggles if you need to. Next time, don't talk, just shoot.”
“I still don't know what you're talking about, Janine.”
“Dear, I don't want to incriminate you. I want to hire you! I get more work than I can handle now, and want to subcontract some of it and have someone for backup at times that I can trust. I figure that with your sister and my brother practically walking down the aisle together, we're almost like family.”
“Really? Well, I neither confirm nor deny anything. What kind of money are we talking about?”
Karlee fired a round into his leg. “You'd better do as my partner says mister.”
“To hell with you damn bitches!” he shouted as he reached for his own gun.
Pfft Pfft were the next sounds as Kristie merrily placed two rounds into his crotch.
The remaining men backed away and raised their hands into the air.

Just as she started to make her move, security flood lights came on and a siren started going off. A half-dozen men came running out of the home.
“Oh shit!” shouted Karlee. “Run, Kristie!”
The men began firing and a round hit a tree just inches from the girls. Then the dogs were released.
“What's the matter, sis?” Kristie calmly inquired as she lay prone and took aim. “I'm glad I spent the extra money for top-of-the-line equipment. This thermal imaging scope really lights up these guys!” She squeezed the trigger and fired off a shot; one of the shadowy figures fell over. Then in rapid succession she fired off six more rounds. Three more men and two dogs went down. “I can see someone in that upstairs window, sis!”
“Take the shot!”
“Maybe it's not him.”
“Maybe it is.”

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Lethal Liaisons (Willful Women Assassins Series)

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